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PayEase Payment Gateway Review 2017

PayEase is based in China and performs a number of payment services for retailers. Their goal is to provide user friendly simple payment platforms for any user.

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Perhaps most notably, PayEase is one of the few payment gateways that currently accept payments in the Chinese Yuan. At present, PayEase does not accept PayPal payments but their development team have stated that this option will become available with the next release of their product.

Online & MOTO payment processingPayEase Payment Gatewaycomprehensive payment platform offering payment services for merchants trading in mainland China

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PayEase Payment Gateway

PayEase is suited to a business that carries out a large percentage of its sales in Chinese currency who would like a no frills but effective service. If you want all the latest payment gateway features, such as the ability for purchasers to share what they have bought on their social media networks, then PayEase will not fit your requirements.

However, for businesses trading primarily with China, PayEase's expertise in this area could prove invaluable. To decide if this is the right payment gateway for you, you are advised to contact PayEase online to discuss your specific needs.

Unlike many of the UK based payment gateways, PayEase do not advertise their rates on their website. The actual fees will vary depending on what features you require. For example, the number of currencies you wish to be able to deal in or additional features such as the ability to accept payments via people's mobile phones.

However, the main driver of the cost will be the volume and value of transactions made through the gateway each month.


Unfortunately, there is no live support offered for PayEase customers. Instead, any queries must be emailed to their support centre from which they claim that you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

It is also important to note that when customers make a payment to your site using PayEase, the message will appear that they are being transferred to the PayEase site. Informing your customers in advance should help reassure them that this is a valid step and they are not being led to a fraudulent link.

PayEase is a very niche payment gateway provider and can be a suitable option for those who deal mainly with online transactions in China. Merchants with a UK or European focus will probably find other payment gateway solutions better suited to their needs.

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