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2016 Best UK Merchant Account Comparison

There are many merchant account suppliers for businesses in the UK to choose from. Expert Market has compared several renowned UK merchant account suppliers such as WorldPay and First Data Merchant Solutions.

Quickly compare the key features of each merchant in the table below or click-through for detailed review pages for each merchant. We compare services for SMEs, large businesses and high risk providers so that you can secure the top solution for your business. Fill in the form at the top of the page for free, no obligation quotes for the below employers and secure a provider today.

MerchantBenefitsEst.Additional Services
WorldPay• Secure face to face payments
• Online, phone and email card payments
• Currency and fraud risk management services
1989• PDQ machines
• Mobile phone payments
• Cash flow & fraud risk management
Lloyds Cardnet• SME - Large corporations
• Bluetooth portable payment terminal
• GPRS connected terminal
1765• Card machines
• Virtual Terminal
• Online payments
First Data Merchant Solutions• All major Credit Cards accepted
• Portable Bluetooth Terminals
• Mobile GPRS Terminals
• Services for High Risk clients
1971• Card machines
• Online payments
• Virtual terminals
PaymentSense• 24/7 customer support in UK
• Instant authorisation
• Help with switching providers
2010• Card machines
• Mobile phone payments
• Online payments
Global Payments
Merchant Services
• Online payment solutions
• Payment gateway integration
• Face to face processing of payments
1967• Flexible pricing
• GP Webpay
• Two card terminal options

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Best Merchant Account Providers in the UK

It can be hard to compare merchant accounts accurately, especially due to the fact that every business requires different services from their provider. It can be difficult to find the right factors for which to compare merchant account providers, so we have broken down the top providers in relation to their specialism, their fees and their service.

It is important to know what you are looking for in regards to a merchant account for your business. Some businesses don't mind a higher cost if certain security features and PCI DSS are included; others are willing to pay more for a flexible solution. Smaller businesses might be satisfied with more basic services for a lower cost. Merchant account suppliers such as WorldPay can offer tailored services to different kinds of businesses, depending on their requirements.


WorldPay offers static, portable and mobile GPRS terminal solutions, as well as ecommerce virtual and electronic funds transfer terminals.


  • The UK's leading payment provider
  • Secure and reliable services for face to face payments
  • Enable card payments online, over the phone or through sending an email link
  • Innovative solutions to help enhance a business' in-store customer experience
  • Additional currency and fraud risk management services
Ease of Use
Help & Support

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Lloyds Cardnet

Lloyds logo
Lloyds are one of the largest lenders in the UK, providing a full range of merchant services including mobile payment terminals, countertop terminals and GPRS terminals.


  • SME to large businesses
  • Top tier PDQ machines
  • Great customer service
  • Online, portable and mobile PDQ solutions
Lloyds CardnetRating
Ease of Use
Help & Support

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Find the best prices for merchant account providers like WorldPay and CardSave now for free.

First Data Merchant Solutions

First data merchant solutions logo

First Data Merchant Services process payments for a wealth of businesses. They offer countertop, portable bluetooth and mobile GPRS terminals, alongside pogo mobile card reader for smartphones. They also offer their own POS product: Clover Station.


  • Highly secure payment processing
  • All major Credit Cards accepted
  • Provide accounts for high risk merchants
  • Flexible payment options
  • PCI compliant as global anti-fraud standard
First Data Merchant SolutionsRating
Ease of Use
Help & Support

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Payment Sense logo
PaymentSense is the largest merchant account provider in the UK, and offers a number of different package deals, and helps you decide what merchant account services are right for your business, whether you do business online, in store or over the phone (MOTO).


  • Quick setup lets you start taking payments in days
  • Guaranteed low rates
  • 24/7 customer support in UK
  • Instant authorisation
  • Ease of switching providers and growing your business
Payment SenseRating
Ease of Use
Help & Support

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Global Payments Merchant Services

Global Payments Merchant Services
Global Payments Merchant Services offers Global PAY Now, an EPOS system whereby credit card terminals are connected via Bluetooth. They also offer Global POS Link, an integrated payment gateway.


  • Automatically updating terminal software
  • No storage of card data
  • Terminals connect easily to till systems
Global PaymentsRating
Ease of Use
Help & Support

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Find the best prices from merchant account providers like PaymentSense and Streamline.

Applying for a Merchant Account

Applying for a merchant account can be a lengthy process and it is important to do some research beforehand. Processing and setup charges can vary greatly and you may end up having to pay some expensive hidden costs if you are not careful. Looking for the cheapest credit card processing suppliers does not always mean you will be getting the best deal.

Most high street banks will offer some form of merchant account as well, so it is worthwhile to compare different providers and match them to the needs of your business. Merchant account providers will ask you for information about your economic status, previous financial history, business model, pricing structure and other information that will be used to qualify you for your account and monthly fees.

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Merchant Account for Online Commerce

Online commerce or eCommerce is becoming steadily more popular and banks and credit card companies have had to respond to the increased danger of online financial fraud by introducing more stringent security measures. Merchant account providers who deal with eCommerce should ensure your customers are safe and information is handled with care. Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode are just two of the measures major credit card companies have taken to ensure further security and allow customers to shop online with confidence.

It is more important than ever to preserve customer information online and have a trusted merchant account provider to ensure that all security measures are taken seriously.

High Risk Merchant Providers

A high risk business can be anything that has a high cancellation rate, i.e. travel companies to companies such as debt collection, which may have more turbulent cashflow. Despite this there are providers that still supply these businesses merchant accounts, albeit with more stipulations.

High risk merchant accounts generally come with a higher costs, alongside setup fees and higher transaction fees. Transactions generally must hit a minimum target otherwise businesses can be deemed ineligible. The advantages, however, of gaining access to a merchant account generally outweigh these stipulations, as they open up a variety of options in relation to commerce.

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Next Steps

If you are interested in hearing more about merchant card and account services for your business, then fill out the form at the top of this page and a select group of excellent suppliers will get in touch with you.

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